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Selected Presentations

In addition to storytelling presentations in almost all of the Canadian provinces and territories, in the United States and in Europe, Gail has conducted on a wide variety of topics at diverse conferences around the globe. She has also presented workshops on storytelling, graphic novels, picture books, and Canadian Children’s Literature at Teacher’s Conventions across Alberta.

2009 Manga and Anime: Seeds for Future Library Users, Alberta Library Conference.
2009 Comic-Con in Second Life.
2008 “Graphic Novels,” PAGES: A Learning Forum on Supporting Readers through Partnerships, Edmonton, Alberta.
2008 Stepping Out with Stories: Storytelling as Advocacy Tool for Libraries, Alberta Library Conference.
2008 Storytelling as a Management Tool, Workshop Series for Intuit Canada.
2008 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Westmount Junior High School, Edmonton, Alberta and
Clandonald School, Clandonald, Alberta.
2007-08 Storytelling as a Major Communication Tool, CASLIS tour, Ottawa, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2007 Bookfest, Vancouver Island Children’s Book Festival, Nanaimo, B.C.
2007 The comic book challenge: graphic novels and collection concerns, Beyond 20/20: Envisioning the Future, British Columbia Library Association.
2006 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Westmount Junior High School, Edmonton, Alberta.
2006 “Without the Music: Ballad as Contemporary Legend,” Perspectives on Contemporary Legend Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2006 SSLA Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2006 Storytelling Tour for the Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario.
2005 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Westmount Junior High School, Edmonton, Alberta.
2005 Storytelling for Young Adults and Graphic Novels in Libraries, MSLA/CASL Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2004 “Storytelling, Folklore and the Graphic Novel,” Science Fiction and Social Change Symposium, Calgary, Alberta.
2004 “Storytelling for, with, and by Teens,” Florida State Library Conference, Daytona Beach, Florida.
2004 Telling Tales: Storytelling in the Family, National Storytelling Conference, Bellingham, Washington.
2004 “The ABC’s of Graphic Novels,” Canadian Library Association/BCLA, Victoria, B.C.
2004 “Cat in the Oven” Interview for TopSpin Creative Corp. Segment for airing on Japanese television.
2003 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Duffield School, Duffield, Alberta.
2002 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Rundle School, Edmonton Alberta.
2001 Keynote, The British Columbia Teacher-Librarian’s Association Conference, Victoria B.C.
2001 Speaker, English Language Arts Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association Conference, Jasper, Alberta.
2001 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Greenfield School, Edmonton, Alberta.
2000 Canadian Library Association Conference, Edmonton, Alberta.
2000 Rural Libraries Conference, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
2000 Storyteller, Saskatoon Public Library Storytelling Festival, Saskatoon, SK.
2000 Presenter, Under the Covers Children’s Literature Conference, London, England.
2000 Storytelling Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Entwistle School, Entwhistle, Alberta.
1999 Storyteller Residency for Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Viking School, Viking, Alberta.
1998 Storytelling for Young Adults, Canadian Images Canadiennes 4, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
1998 Creating Connections Through Storytelling. New Directions in Communication for Business International Association for Business Communicators, Canadian Conference, Edmonton.
1998 Distance Education Learning and the Human Voice: “Face-to-Face” Interaction Among Participants. Media Prosperity ‘98 Conference, Association for Media Technology in Education in Canada, Edmonton.
1998 Storytelling for Young Adults (full day workshop) for the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and the Vancouver Public Library.
1997 That’s Edutaniment! Alberta Museums Association Conference, Lethbridge, AB
1996 An Unexpected Delight: Storytelling with Young Adults (full day workshops), Department of State and the State Library of Florida, Miami, Panama City, Dunedin and Deltona Florida.
1996 Storytelling presentations, Interaction ‘96 National Conflict Resolution Conference, Edmonton.
1996 Bringing History Alive, Toronto Festival of Storytelling, Toronto, ON.
1993 Storytelling for Young Adults Workshop, National Association for the Perpetuation and Preservation of Storytelling, Seattle, Washington.


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